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As first-generation iPad fans, our love for iPad is wider, higher, and deeper than it appears on the surface. Since the first iPad was released on April 3rd, 2010, I started using an iPad that month. Two years later, in order to protect what I love, I started to create some iPad accessories that can not only protect the iPad but also create convenience. Since then, I have started a long marathon of catching up with iPad accessories...

tought-zhi  / CEO


Inspiring The World

As a company, we have always been dedicated to bringing new and innovative iPad accessory experiences to our customers.

We were one of the first companies to introduce high-quality iPad cases made from premium materials, and we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with our designs. Our team has also been at the forefront of developing new and exciting accessories, such as stands, keyboards, and styluses, that enhance the iPad user experience.

We are proud to have been pioneers in the iPad accessory industry, and we remain committed to bringing the best and most innovative products to our customers. Whether you are a professional or a casual iPad user, we have the accessories you need to take your experience to the next level.

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of iPad Accessories is to provide help and hope to those in need by selling high-quality products. We want to inspire our customers to be a channel of hope for others by providing them with quality products and education.

We want to create a culture of iPad accessories centered on quality, sociality and affordability so that everyone can enjoy our products and participate in our good causes. Our goal is to continue to expand our operations and help more people with scholarships, food programs, and more for local high school seniors! We have big plans for iPad accessories, thanks for joining us on this journey!


Marasone iPad Accessories

All of Marasone's iPad accessories are custom-made using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. We are committed to providing the most cost-effective products on the market and ensuring our customers have a great experience every time. Our attention to detail and dedication to quality ensure you get the best value for your investment.



Product Quality


Satisfied Customers


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Marasone's Facebook page and community group are constantly updated with artwork, special offers and many users share their questions and suggestions.


Marasone's official Youtube channel contains detailed demos of iPad accessories and various ways to play with your iPad. Subscribe to take your iPad experience to the next level!

Frequently asked questions

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How long does it take to complete an order?

Please rest assured that our order will be prepared on the same day after you place the order, and will be sent out the next day.

What should I do if there is a problem with my custom order?

We apologize if the item you received is different from what you ordered. Please contact info@marasonestore.com or online customer service to arrange to return the item for a free replacement.

How long does shipping usually take?

We ship from China, standard shipping takes 7-10 business days. If your needs are urgent, please contact customer service for your priority.

How often do I need to replace an accessory?

All of Marasone's accessories are of very durable quality and have undergone multiple product tests before they are sold online, and they can last for years if they are well maintained.

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